Amarillo attorney vows to help wrongly convicted man

Attorney Jeff Blackburn
Attorney Jeff Blackburn

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It's being called a grave injustice... An innocent Texas man sits on death row for 12 years. And now, one Amarillo attorney is fighting to get the state to say they're sorry.

We first introduced you to Anthony Graves back in October... When he was released from prison after spending 18 years there for murdering 6 people.... Only thing is, he didn't do it.

Now, six months later, he's asking the state to give him the money they owe him... $80,000 for every year, according to Texas law... Totaling $1.5 million.

He doesn't have the check yet because of a paperwork snafu. He's been cleared of all charges, but the prosecutor who filed the papers did not include the words "actually innocent", something the law requires.... Those two missing words mean graves won't get one cent.

Attorney Jeff Blackburn says, "to me an illustration of everything that's wrong in the Texas criminal justice system. Too many prosecutors, too much arrogance, too much refusal to admit that they're wrong."

Blackburn says the only person who can declare he's "actually innocent" is Attorney General Greg Abbott, and so far, he's refused to get involved in the case, saying he doesn't believe his office has the authority to step in.

Blackburn intends to fight this as long as he has to... Even if it means filing an endless string of lawsuits.