This week's rain not enough

Ken Schneider, National Weather Service
Ken Schneider, National Weather Service

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Rain is finally falling in our area, but it's still too dry to make much of a difference.

The three tenths of an inch of rain Amarillo saw yesterday is a small fraction of what we need. Weather experts say it is much drier in the Panhandle compared to last year.

The La Nina weather pattern is to blame, because it has sent all the storms further to the north, bypassing our region. Ken Schneider at the National Weather Service says, "We haven't gotten enough to really do much of anything. We're still critical. Our fuels are still dry. We're going to need at least a good half inch to an inch or maybe even more to really alleviate the problem. We need a prolonged period of rain. Just having one storm dump quarter of an inch or half an inch is not enough."

Schneider says the La Nina system is beginning to weaken, so we may see a few storms. However, he sees the drought lasting through June.

Local fire departments stress that the burn ban is still in effect for the entire Panhandle and remind you not to do any outside burning.