Fire fighters and wreckers participate in a rescue demonstration

Amarillo, TX - Amarillo fire fighters and a local wrecking company joined forces to learn how to properly deal with a turned over semi-truck.

In a demonstration, the fire department and T-Miller Wrecker Services worked together to lift a semi-truck off of two cars with passengers inside.

They treated it like an actual event but in a controlled environment.

The Amarillo Fire Department says it is an essential tool when it comes to training.

"When the time comes and somebody needs us, that's not the time to train, that's not the time to learn the equipment, so we've got to be very proficient at it, before we're called. These training situation with the towing companies is allowing us to learn with them and utilize what they're doing, that way we're not learning on an actual scene," says Brian Wood, with The Amarillo Fire Department.

The fire department hopes to do more training in the future.