Follow-Up: Claims of Animal Abuse

AMARILLO, TEXAS - An undercover investigation that aired on NewsChannel 10 Wednesday night is sparking national outrage and a new call to action.

The undercover video from the E-6 Cattle Company in Hart was too disturbing to show un-edited.  But even the censored clips we were able to air left a huge impression on many viewers calling and writing in on Facebook. Like Melody who typed, "it made me cry. That was one of the most horrible things I have ever seen."

And those type of comments reach far beyond the Panhandle. Temple Grandin was just one of several national experts weighing in - writing, "it is obvious that both the management and the employees have no regard for animal welfare."

At the same time, almost every industry association says not all dairy related farms are like the video. So when you go to buy things like ice cream, how do you know what's coming from a good place or a cruel place? That's why PETA is launching a new endorsement program for companies selling dairy products.

"We're very hopeful that responsible companies will absolutely not want to be associated with this kind of cruelty and will require that their suppliers implement these standards immediately," PETA's Amber Driscoll said.

Those minimum standards from PETA include keeping facilities clean with adequate flooring and bedding, immediately euthanizing downed calves who can no longer walk, and ending de-horning and tail docking.

PETA's big hope is that this program will create a middle ground for people disturbed by yesterday's video but still not wanting to become vegans.

Because this effort is just starting today, no dairy companies have signed on broad yet. But PETA says several corporations have met similar requests for other types of animal industries.  Those retailers are:


Ruby Tuesday

Burger King

KFC's in Canada




PF Chang's

Cracker Barrel




Harris Teeter

Winn Dixie