Water future looks bright

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It's a water source that could be used decades from now when other water sources start to give out. The City of Amarillo is looking to buy even more water rights from the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority.

CRMWA wants to purchase another 200,000 acres of water rights in Ochiltree County and Roberts County.

The City wants 80,000 of those acres, because they say you can never have enough water. Emmett Autrey, the City of Amarillo's Director of Utilities says, "We have to look 100, even 200 years into the future. The Amarillo area is a very huge investment that's been made as an act of faith of people who live here, work here, and operate businesses here. We don't want to see that go away. If you don't have water, it goes away. That's the bottom line."

The City says the rights will be paid through your water bills and loans. Buying water rights isn't cheap though because the price tag is at a cool $40 million.