Claims of Animal Abuse

HART, TEXAS - Animal cruelty charges may be filed against an area farmer. The Castro County Sheriff is investigating after the non-profit group "mercy for animals" held a news conference today showing an undercover video of the E-6 Cattle Company.

The video includes clips of workers hitting cows over the head with pick axes and several other acts the group deems unethical.

"All animals deserve to be protected from needless cruelty," Mercy for Animals's Daniel Hauff said. "It's blatant animal abuse to savagely bash in the heads of fully conscious cows with hammers and pix axes."

The Texas Cattle Feeders Association said they were appalled by the undercover video releasing the following statement: "They in no way reflect the actions of the thousands of Texas farmers and ranchers who work hard every day to provide their animals with the best care possible."