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On track for a horse track?

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Amarillo, Texas - Lawmakers in Austin could take away horse racing licenses from operators who aren't using them. Revoking idle licenses could put plans for a horse track in Amarillo to a stop, because there is no racing being done, much less a track being built.

The racing license in Amarillo is owned by Drew Alexander. He also has a piece of land just outside the city limits, to put the track, which he says won't be built until some things change.

Alexander explains, "What the racing commission would like to see is everybody that has a license go out and build a track. They don't seem to understand that you can't do that today because you would be broke. Race tracks aren't making any money. Nothing will save them except the additional gaming, the additional gambling with slot machines."

Alexander is pushing for the legalization of gambling in Texas because he says slot machines will keep horse tracks in business, bring jobs, and money for education. He does not think the bill to revoke idle racing licenses will pass.