Dumas mother and son killed in fire

NewsChannel 10

Dumas TX - A fire kills a Dumas mother and her teenage son.

Fire investigators say, Betty Rosales Villa died this morning in her Meredith Ave. house fire. Her son, 19 year old Anthony Villa died this afternoon at the Lubbock burn unit.

According to investigators, the fire sparked around four Tuesday morning. Everyone inside the home was able to get out of the house with the exception of the mother, who we're told was wheel chair bound. Fire fighters say, her son re-entered the house in an attempt to save her, but he was consumed with flames.

According to investigators, when firefighters found Villa's body this morning, she was about six feet away from the front door.

Neighbors we spoke with say they woke up to an explosion type sound and screams from the Villa family. We are told that family is large, with both adults and small children.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation this afternoon.