Shortage on ADD and ADHD meds

Angela Bazaldua, Martin-Tipton Pharmacist
Angela Bazaldua, Martin-Tipton Pharmacist

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It's being called a troubling shortage... The medicines commonly used to treat attention deficit disorder are becoming increasingly hard to come by.

It's the generic forms of Ritilin and Adderal that are in short supply... Putting many parents across our area in a tough spot.

That's because the name brand easily costs triple or sometimes four times as much as the generic... And many insurance companies don't cover it.... Meaning many kids are forced to go without the meds since their parents can't afford it.

Martin-Tipton Pharmacist Angela Bazaldua says "It's a real trouble for parents. These medications help their kids do better in school. Help keep behavior problems down. So it's a big issue when their kids can't get their medications."

The FDA expects the shortage to last for at least another month. It's not clear why it's happening... Several pharmaceutical companies are citing manufacturing problems.

There really isn't a good alternative to the pricey brand name drugs... The best advice doctors have is to ask your pharmacist to see if other parts of the country have some generics they can ship to you, since the shortage severity varies by state, but even that's not a guaranteed solution.