Update on Curry County Fire

Angelina Perez

Clovis, NM - At least two homes and 17-thousand acres are destroyed following a range fire near Clovis.

The Clovis Fire Department does not know the exact amount of damage yet, but say they hope to know once they are able to get an aerial look.

They say they know at least two homes were destroyed but there may be more along with outbuildings.

Karen Burns with the Clovis Fire Department says the cause of the fire is not a common one, so the warnings in place would not have prevented it.

"We are being told that a car on 267, which was over on the Sundown Valley Road had a flat tire and the rim went to the pavement causing a spark, which then ignited the fire on the roadway," said Karen Burns with the fire department.

The Clovis Fire Department says three firemen were injured during the blaze but all are expected to recover.