Family planning fear funding cut

Ron Barwick, Panhandle Family Planning Center
Ron Barwick, Panhandle Family Planning Center

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The battle continues in Washington over Planned Parenthood's funding. The on-going debate has local family planning centers concerned.

The Panhandle Family Planning Center has no affiliation with Planned Parenthood, but they do provide similar services, except abortion. That's one thing they want to make clear to lawmakers, since the debate is focused on abortion.

The clinic receives one million dollars a year. Without it, they say they would have to close their doors. Ron Barwick explains, "We do the same services of any family physician or OBGYN, except obstetrics. The difference is the population of women we see, is a population of women who can't afford to go elsewhere for their health care. The people we see, without us, would not have health care."

This would affect some 21,000 area women who come to this center. Another concern is the already high pregnancy and STD rates in Potter County.