Amarillo man accused of killing his children

AMARILLO, TEXAS - An Amarillo man is behind bars on capital murder charges of killing his own children.  The crime happened in Graham just outside of Fort Worth where law enforcement says the suspect was staying with family. All day long friends and family have been adding to a makeshift memorial there for 8-month-old Luke Armandariz and 2-year-old Gatlin Joe.

The sheriff tells our affiliates the children's father 28-year-old Gabriel Armanderiz called 911 Wednesday confessing to the crime.

Extended family members say the suspect has always been a caring dad who wanted to be part of his children's lives after splitting up with their mother. But then something drastically changed.

"Yesterday he started sending vulgar messages and saying hurtful things. Posing himself as a threat to her and the children," said the victim's uncle Jesse VanMeter.

Police say the people who received the text messages tried to warn officers that something might be wrong, but it was too late.

"Gatlin Joe was a very independent, strong boy. Luke was just a baby. He defiantly had personality. The sweetest little boy. He laughed so much. Always happy. He was just a happy baby," VanMeter said.

And now a family and investigators are left wondering why in the world this terrible crime happened.