Sexual Assault Open Mic Night

AMARILLO, TEXAS - "He held me captive in my own home. He raped me repeatedly, he degraded me and humiliated me," Debbie said.

Last year the survivor spoke out for the first time ever about the crime at the Family Support Services Open Mic Night. Debbie came back again for the second annual event Wednesday because she says this kick started her healing process by building her confidence and giving her a group of supportive friends.

"It's been a very long and difficult year since then. I have made some improvements and life is getting better," she said.

And the speakers say that one of the best ways this helps them cope is knowing they might be helping someone else see it's okay to talk about what happened.

"A lot of times it takes survivors a long time to talk about it. and this is one step in their healing and to be able to stand up especially in public and speak out about it, that's a huge thing," Family Support Services Director Janet Byers said.

With that in mind Debbie and the other repeat speakers say they'll be back in front of the packed houses until everyone who's been abused knows there's no shame in coming forward.