Economic Boost in Amarillo

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Local shop owners are anticipating international dollars to help boost their business and our local economy.

The Route 66 International Festival coming to Amarillo this June is expected to draw about 1000 Route 66 enthusiasts from all over the world. Shop owners on 6th street tell NewsChannel 10, they are changing some things around in anticipation for the visitors.

"We're expecting a huge turn out. That's why we added the men's clothing line, we got more bikes coming in and we have a 20 percent off coupon." said DeAnn Garrett, owner of CATZ Uneek Boteek.

The Amarillo Chamber of Commerce says this year in general will be great for the city's economy.

According to Amarillo National Bank, the city has seen a noticeable growth in tourism related jobs since last year. The chamber attributes that growth to new hotels being built all across town.  We're told with those hotels, jobs from all levels have been brought as well.