Long term help begins for February wildfire victims

Martha Riddlespurger, Red Cross
Martha Riddlespurger, Red Cross

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The Red Cross is now kicking its long-term help efforts into high gear for those who lost everything in February's massive wildfires.

When those fires sparked on February 27th... And for about a week or so afterwards, the Red Cross was in immediate-need mode. They provided the families who lost everything with the basics just to get by... A temporary shelter, some clothes and food.

But, what happened between then and now? ... And why did it take a month and a half to start providing long term assistance? We sat down with them today to find out.

Martha Riddlespurger with the Red Cross says, "between the immediate need and the long term need is finding a home and the red cross doesn't build homes. So we have to wait for the families to figure out where they're gonna live, what they're gonna do and then we come in now with long term and help them to get the furniture for that house, get the things they need for the inside of it, that makes them feel comfortable once they've got a place to go."

They really need furniture... So if you have anything that's in good condition, you should bring it to the Salvation Army or the Downtown Women's Center.

Both organizations are working closely with the Red Cross in the long term help efforts.