Bikers get their motorcycles blessed in Hereford

Pastor Kevin Bushart
Pastor Kevin Bushart

Hereford, TX - For safety on the open roads many local bikers got together to have their motorcycles blessed.

This event marked the second annual blessing of the bikes in Hereford.

Pastor Kevin Bushart says he wanted to hold the event for local riders before the next riding season begins.

"I think it's important for people to know that whatever part of society they are in or whatever they're in, God is with them and riding down the road or wherever, God is still present so we just wanted to express that to them at the blessing."

Bikers may sometimes be portrayed negatively but Randy Laing, the president of Hereford's motorcycle group, says most of them want to shake that image, and are making an effort to make a positive influence on their community.

"It's just important I think to build a good image for the motorcycle riders and this community I think is really coming around and seeing and what the biker can do for a community."

Laing says they will continue doing work for the community next weekend during the Phillip Foster Memorial Bike Rally which helps raise scholarship money for kids in the area.