Update: Fires across the panhandle

Channing, TX (Courtesy of Tammie Burch)
Channing, TX (Courtesy of Tammie Burch)
Channing, TX (Courtesy of Tammie Burch)
Channing, TX (Courtesy of Tammie Burch)
Moore County
Moore County
Moore County
Moore County


A fire west of Channing started Sunday afternoon, was a rekindling of a fire that originally started yesterday with an electric storm. The Hartley County Sheriff's department says it was on Farm to Market road 767 and 2357.

An estimate of damaged acreage is not available at this time, but they say it was about ten miles wide. Over ten fire departments from the area responded.


A fire in White Deer burned through about 300 acres of land near FM 2385 and County Road V.

The White Deer Fire Department says they think down electrical wires may have caused the fire.


There was a fire between Stinett and Borger it destroyed 10 acres of land on the north side of the Canadian River Bridge.


The fire started around 11:30 on Highway 287 two miles North of the Moore County/Potter County line. A trailer full of Coca-Cola product split in half due to wind. The truck drug about 200 yards, sparking the fire.

The Burn was estimated 600 acres was 100 percent out around 3:30.

The wind shift did help blow the fire into Saturday's burn path making it easier to put out.

A fire in the same area burned Saturday, destroying nearly 60,000 acres after electrical wires were blown over.


A fire burned three and a half miles from Glazier, it was contained quickly. There is no estimate of damage.


A fire burned in west of Hereford on Highway 60, in Parmer County, in a bar ditch along the road. It was extinguished quickly.

No structures were damaged in any of the fires.