Signs of change may be coming to Canyon

AMARILLO, TX - City officials have their sights set on how the City of Canyon should look. They want to give the city a more consistent and unified look and have drafted a proposal that may affect how local businesses put up their signs.

According to the director of code enforcement, some of the major changes would involve restrictions on poll signs and roof signs that project above a roof. Also, there's a proposal to only allow bill boards along Highway 60 and I-27.

Even if the ordinance passes, it will take years before we can really see the changes.

"It wouldn't affect existing signs, it would just affect signs that are being replaced or maybe a new business is being built and they are putting a sign then it would affect those" said Danny Cornelius, Director of Code Enforcement.

The new ordinance is in the public hearing phase and it may take up 30 days before it takes affect. A public hearing is set for Tuesday at 4 p.m. in the Commissioner's Chamber, where they expect to make more changes to the ordinance.