Developing: Tucumcari suspect linked to other murders

TUCUMCARI, NM - A double murder suspect out of our area has just been linked to two other killings.

Police confirmed The suspect behind the March Tucumcari Inn killing of a father and son has been connected to two other murders in Ohio back in February.

A police detective in Akron says Muzie Madonda confessed to the killing of a bank vice president in their neck of the woods. And detectives out of a suburb near Dayton say they have evidence that now solidly connects Madonda to another crime scene where a friend of his was found dead.

As of Friday afternoon Madonda was awaiting extradition back to Quay County from Conroe, Texas - where he was caught.

Once he is here, Madonda will face two murder charges for the shooting deaths of 37-year-old Gabriel Baca and his dad 57-year-old Bobby Gonzales.  Police say our area's case will probably head to the court room before he faces charges in Ohio