Parents say possible state budget cuts could stop children's development

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Parents in the area are preparing for the worst when it comes to their children's future. That future could depend on decisions made in Austin.

With looming funding cuts to Medicaid, thousands of area children with disabilities may not get help they need to become independent.

According to child care administrators, most children with disabilities need intensive therapy to help them develop. Accomplishing tasks like eating, using the restroom and walking are some of the goals they set. They tell NewsChannel 10 10, if Medicaid funding doesn't come through for these families, the children could regress in their development . Administrators say the issue doesn't only affect families with special needs children.

"Someday they will have to be in the community and live, so they are all our children.  It may be that you don't have one that lives in your household, but if you look at this as a community issue, they are all our children. We need to make sure they have the same advantages that a child who doesn't have disabilities has." said Karen Day, director of Specialized Therapy Services in Amarillo.

Some families tell NewsChannel 10, Medicaid helps them pay for medical bills totaling thousands of dollars every month.