Breast milk bank donations down, while demand is up

Amarillo, TX- Even with its growing popularity, breast milk banks are losing donations.

The Mother's Milk Bank at Northwest Texas Hospital has been open for nearly four months. They say many mothers were eager to donate when it first opened but now those donation are down.

The Human Milk Banking Association of North America says this is a growing problem everywhere.

The milk bank at Northwest says their donations are down because many people don't know how great the need is and that they can donate locally.

Health experts say the benefits of breast milk are vitally important for the beginning stages of life.

"Especially in the preemie, very premature babies, their intestines are very sensitive, their stomach is very sensitive, and it just kind of cuts down on a lot of the risks that they could potentially, you know develop with formula, and it also is the only that has antibodies in it to help them fight off infections that they are very susceptible to as preemies," says a lactation nurse, Tiffany Erickson.

The benefits of receiving donated milk far outweigh the cost of what can happen if a fragile baby does not receive the milk, adds Erickson.

She encourages any mother that is able to donate to contact her at Northwest.

You can contact her at 354-1394 if you are interested in donating.

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