Man's body found in drainage ditch

AMARILLO, TX - A man who police say may have been missing for months, was found dead in a drainage ditch in Northwest Amarillo.

A TxDOT worker came across the man's body around 10:30 a.m. while he was spraying weeds in a drainage ditch on Amarillo Blvd. West near Coulter.

According to police the body may have been in the ditch for a while. Police believe the man was in his early 60s and was reported missing from the Astro Motel back in December.

Missing persons reports have been requested by the Special Crimes Unit and a positive identification is pending. However, crews did find an ID card along with a wallet with cash inside.

"We have found identification in the water underneath him, that identifies probably who he is. We believe he may be a white male about 64 who was reported missing in December. But we're going to have to make positive identification probably on a finger print" said Lieutenant Gary Trupe, Special Crimes Unit.

Lieutenant Trupe says there are no obvious signs of foul play and judging by the amount of clothes on the man's body, he does not believe the man was homeless or transient.

The discovery is being investigated as a suspicious death and an autopsy has been requested in Lubbock.