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Cold Case File: Ronald Morton


Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - An Amarillo man is brutally murdered and nearly 19 years later police still do not know who is responsible.

In November of 1992, fire fighters were called out to 2400 Polk for a fire in a second floor home. Firefighters pulled Ronald Morton from his kitchen floor, but when they went to treat him they discovered he had been severely beaten and stabbed to death.

"We do believe that the fire that was set to try to obscure the homicide, hoping that if the fire burned, someone would probably miss the stab wounds." said Lt. Gary Trupe with Potter-Randall Special Crimes.

Detectives tell NewsChannel 10,  just a few hours before his murder, Morton had been seen at Ellwood Park. His housing complex was pretty secure so police believe whoever killed Morton was let inside the home by the victim.

Years ago, police did arrest a man who claimed to have committed the crime...but the confession was false.

Police believe in the past nearly 19 years, someone has stumbled across information regarding Morton's death. They are urging anyone with that information to give them a call at 378-9468.