New Information about Tucumcari Double Murder

Muzie Madonda
Muzie Madonda

QUAY COUNTY - The Tucumcari Inn shooting of 37-year-old Gabriel Baca and his Dad, 57-year-old Bobby Gonzales, may have been over a $1,000 tax return.

Although an investigator's affidavit released Tuesday does not directly spell out a motive, it highlights the fact Gabriel recently received the return, which was unaccounted for as no large amounts of money were found at the crime scene.

Police say their suspect Muzie Madonda was renting a room next to the family and had been hanging out with them while he worked in the area for Direct TV.  But after the bodies were found, Madonda was no where around for questioning, so investigators asked his former employer to help track him down through text messages.

That's when the affidavit says Madonda replied that he was aware police were looking for him and he supposedly asked the former employer to help get him a fake identification and burn some of the items he was in possession of.

Police say the employer also reported a text from Madonda which read -"those amigoz thought they were smart, I wil tel u more in person bos."

To top it all off, investigators found out Madonda also told his boss in the past he owned a gun and quote "was going to kill a person or persons in both New Mexico and Ohio."