Amarillo Public School Teachers Hold "Pro-Education Rally"

Amarillo Public School Teachers Hold "Pro-Education Rally"

Tom Lee
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Public education could see deep cuts to help balance out the upcoming budget.

Items included in the budget bill have teachers worried about the future of education in Texas.

Local teachers came together for a rally at Memorial Park in Amarillo to voice their support against a house spending bill.

If passed, the bill would reduce public education funding by 9% or $5 billion and could cause about 96,000 school employees in the state to lose their jobs.

That's according to the Center for Public Policy Priorities.

The cuts would likely increase classes sizes, which is a cause of great concern for teachers.

Edith Lopez, 1st grade teacher at Eastridge Elementary says, "If we increase class sizes there wont be as much time for individual student attention."

Janet Proffitt adds, "I teach in a school of non-english...several different languages and to have a large class would be very hard to teach with that many difference languages that we have."

Misty Haiskell VP of Amarillo Education Association says, "Pre-k through four classes especially...the one on one is very important. The younger years are when the students learn the most valuable critical components of education."

Today's rally didn't draw as big of a crowd as expected. Some believe it may have been due in part to teachers worried about speaking out.

Clinton Gill of the Texas State Teachers Association says, " The Amarillo School Board is a strong supporter of the rally that occurred today. They would have been here if they didn't have the training they had to go to. School boards, superintendents across the state are in support of these rallies because they know ultimately they're going to be the one's that make those very hard decisions to cut staff."