Help needed for autistic children

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Autism affects more people than polio did in the 1950's. According to experts, every twenty minutes a child is diagnosed with autism. Families we spoke with say its a disability the community needs to pay more attention to.

"For a child to be ill and not know what's wrong with him is frustrating for a parent." said Roland Romo. He tells NewsChannel 10, his 7 Year old autistic son Ryan, used to live in frustration because he could not communicate. His son is not alone in his disability. One in every 110 kids are diagnosed with autism.

"The earlier we intervene with intensity, the better he outcome is for that child in the long run.  The longer we wait, the more severe the disability will be." said Karen Day, nine years ago, Day started Specialized Therapy Services to help kids like Ryan develop and gain their independence

"Seeing the day to day miracles unfold, when you are working with a child and it may not be big to someone else, but all of a sudden they get it." said Day.

A miracle, Romo has seen.

"For him to tell us, his tummy hurts, that's huge for us." said Romo

Saturday morning, the Amarillo Area Autism in Action organization will host its first ever autism awareness walk here at Sam Houston park. If interested in attending,  the walk it will kick off at 9:30a.m. and end at 2p.m. It's twenty five dollars per person to participate, for a team, it's 100 dollars. Proceeds will stay local to help benefit programs that help autistic children.