American Cancer Society Reaching Out to Hispanics

AMARILLO, TX - The American Cancer Society is hoping for more participation from the Hispanic community in their annual event, Relay for Life.

According to the Amarillo office, they fear many Hispanics suffering from cancer in our area are not getting the help they need. They say many do not know of the services available to them because of a lack of awareness and language barriers.

Which is why this year the American Cancer Society is increasing their flyers and other promotional material in Spanish.

They hope to attract more Hispanics and in turn inform them about their services.

"A cancer patient has no racial barriers. It doesn't care about age, it doesn't care if you're Black, or White, or Hispanic. So you have to target each one to get the word out there, and I think we need to target the Hispanic population more because there are quite a few Hispanic patients" said Brenda Hernández, Event Chairperson of Relay for Life.

The American Cancer Society helps qualifying cancer patients regardless of immigration status. If you would like to participate in this year's Relay for Life or would like more information on assistance from the American Cancer Society, call the local office at (806) 353-4306.