"Save the Hospital" Pampa Plan

Dr. James Hall, Emergency Services Foundation of Texas
Dr. James Hall, Emergency Services Foundation of Texas

PAMPA, TEXAS - An area non-profit group is fighting to keep high-quality healthcare in their city.  Pretty soon people in Pampa will start seeing signs go up saying "Save the Hospital," but there are a few things you should know before jumping to conclusions.

The Pampa Regional Medical Center is up for sale - again. This is the sixth time in about 25 years.

"It kinda eliminates our feeling of stability," Doctor James Hall said. He is the president of Emergency Services Foundation of Texas. Sick of uncertainty, they're trying to raise about $30 million to buy the hospital as a permanent community-based owner.

"We don't want to have the risk of not know what's going to happen with the next owner and the next owner," he said.

The group says there's no emergency of the hospital shutting down since several parties have already expressed interested in buying it.  But they add, new outside owners add other insecurities.

"You never know if the same polices will be in place, the same funding. The same investment to the community," Hall said.

The group says having a local owner would make the community more loyal to the hospital - helping it keep in business. And changing from a for-profit, to a non-profit means all extra money made there will stay in Pampa instead of going to some far away corporation. That means new technology and better wages to keep good employees.

The hospitals corporate office says someone new will own the hospital by the end of the year - whether or not it's the local group.