Proper Welcome Home for Vietnam Veterans

Vietnam Veteran Don Higgins
Vietnam Veteran Don Higgins

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Don Higgins says serving in the Vietnam War was unimaginably hard, but coming home was worse.

"It was just being ignored. Wanting to climb off into a hole. I didn't even want to admit I was a marine or a Vietnam veteran because of the way it was," He said.

In almost 40 years, not a single person ever told him welcome home or thanks for serving. And he's not alone. So Wednesday, he helped organize a dinner at the local VFW as part of the first ever national welcome home a Vietnam veteran day.

"It's about time that Amarillo and the United States recognized our guys. Just wonderful," Veteran wife and sister Kitty Jones said.

The vets say part of the reason the dinner was so important is because they're already seeing the same thing happen to the brave men and women fighting our current wars.

"I guarantee you there's not a Vietnam veteran that will not make sure any of our heroes coming home today doesn't get welcomed properly," Higgins said.

A guarantee because now these guys finally know just how good a welcome home feels.