After school programs vow to keep their doors open in tough times

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Programs for children in our area are facing some hardships during these tough economic times even with additional funding.

Many non-profits in our community received good news when they found out nearly three million dollars will be distributed amongst them, but some programs say there is an increased need for their services, so more money is needed.

The YMCA says they are glad they were able to receive more funding from the United Way, but they are at capacity right now and are unable to bring more children into their programs.

Myron Sims, the branch director says it could be a problem if more after school programs close their doors.

"We're at close to max, especially in our teen program and our child care of course, we're at max, so we would have to do some things differently and maybe apply for some funding to get some more transportation and things like that and maybe be able to go to them instead of them having to come to us," says Sims.