Competition could bring more jobs to area

Shane Redline
Shane Redline

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Local entrepreneurs are keeping their eye on the prize, as they vie for a special award from a competition called the "Amarillo Enterprize Challenge."

Today a panel of judges listened to the plans of nine start up and early stage business ventures. They will choose which ventures to award money, helping launch the business to a new level and boost our local economy.

Shane Redline is one of the competitors. His company transports refrigerated foods. He says the money could really help his business grow. Redline explains, "We recently purchased some land and we're going to put a building on the land, which we'll put our offices in. We'll purchase four refrigerated trailers, which will add four more jobs to Amarillo. We're going to hire an additional load coordinator and a mechanic. Then we're going to put GPS tracking systems on our trailers."

Redline says these additions will increase sales revenue, bring more jobs, and utilize local resources.

The competitors will find out the results next week, when $500,000 is split among the winning ventures.