Financial aid uncertainty leaving some students in limbo

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - Financial aid could be in jeopardy for thousands of students at Texas universities because of budget cuts. It's something they may not know for sure, until mid-summer.

West Texas A & M sent out a letter to a couple thousand students needing financial aid. It says they qualify for money, but won't receive it until lawmakers make funding decisions.

Tuition at WTAMU is around $6,200 a year, but the financial aid office says that's not the most expensive part. Marian Giesecke explains, "If they're living in the dorm, that adds up and then you've got your books and your transportation. You have your various costs in there. When we're talking about tuition fees, that's not a major part of it. That can be covered. It's the living to me, that's the highest part."

The financial aid office at WTAMU is telling students to apply for scholarships in case financial aid doesn't come through. The financial aid office also expects for more students to depend on loans this year.