$2.8 million raised for the United Way and non-profits in our area

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX- After a record setting year, United Way announces which non-profits will receive parts of more than two-million dollars.

Two-point-eight million dollars was raised to help nearly 40 programs that benefit children, the elderly, and many more in our community.

The United Way says even with the increased amount of donations the competition for those dollars among programs has also grown.

Johnny Mize the Vice President of Community Impact says they give the money to the programs that make the most difference.

"Truly it's a tremendous impact, you think about the days and times that our community is going through, our nation is going through, economic times are difficult and that means the needs are even greater than normal, and because of the generosity of this community, things are actually being taken better than many other communities across the nation," says Mize.

The programs who were awarded money will get the funds April 1st.