Facebook helps save Amarillo life

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Amarillo police say if it wasn't for a friend's reaction to an online facebook post, one person wouldn't be alive anymore.

Over the weekend the crisis intervention team responded to a suicide threat, getting there just in time to cut a noose off of the man's neck - saving his life.

"It was pernate for his life that we were able to find him," said Justin Scherlen of the Amarillo police department.

However police say they wouldn't have known where to go if it wasn't for one of the man's friends who reported a strange post on facebook and helped track down an address.

"This particular individuals had put on facebook to friends and family that he was feeling suicide and needed help," Scherlen said.

Police say online posts like these are becoming more common and something to watch out for. Therapists like Linda Cook add online warning signs can often be as subtle as small changes like becoming more bitter sounding.

"When the tone of messages begins to take on that edge of irritability. It's time to ask, what's going on friend?" Cook said.

In addition to the angry rants, you also need to watch out for people who suddenly stop posting as much.

"Be very honest and direct, and say I've noticed you haven't posted in a while. Are you going through a hard time?" Cook said.

And if someone outright says they are considering taking their life:

"That is an emergency immediately and needs to be reported. Call a family member of them if you know them, call police or 911. Help them because they are crying out for help," Cook said.

Don't treat it as a joke or a possible miscommunication. It's better to risk seeming foolish than be sorry you didn't act later.