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Proposed bill to protect abuse victims

State Representative Four Price State Representative Four Price

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

Those convicted of abuse against children, the elderly and disabled could be behind bars longer. State Representative Four Price has authored House Bill 1601 which would change how those convicted of abuse against children, elderly and the disabled serve their sentences.

Currently, those convicted of multiple offenses, serve their sentences concurrently. This legislation would allow the courts to hand down consecutive sentences.

"This legislation really protects them,  it gives the courts the ability to practice discretion and impose stronger sentences. I believe that will be a deterrent for the criminals against the most vulnerable in our will keep them off the streets, that is a deterrence in and of itself." said Price.

Randall County District Attorney James Farren also believes harsher punishment for abuse crimes would be a greater deterrent for those committing them. Farren tells NewsChannel 10, he is in support of the bill because it helps the most helpless victims in our society.