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Fire danger in 2011 compared to 2006


Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - There are concerns this year's wild fire season may be comparable to the fires of 2006 in the Panhandle area.

Five years ago around this time the Amarillo area and much of the Panhandle were destroyed by range fires.

Now the National Weather Service says they are receiving calls from residents and even fire departments to see if we will face the same situation.

Sarah Johnson with the National Weather Service says we do have some similarities when it comes to conditions, but our drought level is much better than it was in 2006.

"The drought has not been as prolonged, it has not been as extreme as far as the drought scale, the drought scale was from D-0 which is abnormally dry to D-5 which is exceptional, and on that scale it's been a little bit moderate to severe scale, when in 2006 it was severe to exceptional drought," says Johnson.

It is hard to predict when wild fires could spark because they are usually on days with heavy winds and dry conditions, and Johnson says the weather conditions in the Panhandle change by the hour during the Spring time.