Too many trucks and not enough truckers

Brandon McCartney, Central Freight Lines
Brandon McCartney, Central Freight Lines

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It's a nationwide problem that's hitting close to home. A question of what to do when your warehouse is filling up with freight and you don't have enough drivers to transport it.

The economy is picking up and so is the amount of freight trucking companies are hauling. There's just one problem, they don't have the manpower to do the job. There are many things to put the blame on.

When the economy first went bad, many drivers were laid off and have not returned to the business, even though most local companies are currently hiring. Brandon McCartney of Central Freight Lines says, "We've been hiring for about 3 weeks and so far we've had one or two applications, but they don't have all the required endorsements. We require HAZMAT, tankers, doubles, and triples, and a lot of people don't get that around here."

McCartney says the requirements for getting the necessary licenses are getting tougher and they also cost some money. However, he says the cost to get your licenses will quickly be made up, since the job pays up to 25 dollars an hour.