Area churches hoping to increase mission trips to Mexico

Sandra Davidson
Sandra Davidson

AMARILLO, TX - As mission trips to Mexico continue to decline, area churches are hoping to shatter any misconceptions on traveling across the border.

For years Westminster Presbyterian and Pinnacle Community Church have traveled to Mexico to build homes for people living in poverty through an organization called Casas por Cristo.

However, because of the recent violence plaguing border cities many church missions are backing out. According to Casas por Cristo about three years ago there were building an average of 400 homes each year.

Last year they dropped to only 200.

It's been a week since groups from Westminster and Pinnacle returned from their mission trip to Acuña, Mexico. A trip they moved forward with despite travel warnings.

One first-time participant said she was reluctant at first but is already planning to go again next year.

"Everything I hear on the news made me fear but once we got there I never ever felt any danger, I never heard anything that caused me to fear. The few times we heard sirens, there were very few no more than we hear here in Amarillo, in fact much fewer" said Sandra Davidson, volunteer from Pinnacle Community Church.

Davidson, who traveled with her 15 year-old son, said she recommends travel to Mexico only if it's with a reputable organization like Casas por Cristo. This organization has members on both sides of the border looking out for each person's safety.

According to Davidson, it's a shame many people are not getting the help they need as a result of fear. She hopes that after sharing her experience she can convince others not to be afraid.