Old Celanese plant gets new life

PAMPA, TEXAS - An area city is trying to turn current economic woes into new opportunity for growth. Pampa plans on re-purposing the closed Celanese plant as an attraction for possible employers.

The city commission just approved spending $3 million to purchase the plant and some of the land and water rights around it.

The economic development corporation saw what's left as the perfect infrastructure for a new industrial park - something other places like Dumas already have.

"It's real important that we are on track with a lot of other communities, or ahead of them so we can bring the companies in," PEDC's Katy Cota said.

They say several companies have already expressed interest, but they can't discuss development because of a confidentially agreement that lasts until a purchase is final.

The PEDC says one of the biggest draws of the Celanese plant is this rail road track. Having access to transportation is supposed to bring in industrial businesses with high paying jobs and a taxable revenue for the city.

"When Celanese was at it's height, there was over 400 jobs out there. And we don't know that we'll be able to get anything like that back," Cota said. "But if we could have 50 to 100 high paying jobs, we'd be thrilled. We'd be thrilled."