Guymon drug sting

GUYMON, OK - Police say an area city is safer tonight after a major undercover drug sting. 14 people were arrested in Guymon through "Operation Surprise." And more arrests are already pending.

Police originally nabbed 12 people suspected of dealing drugs, plus a minor who's picture isn't being released, and a woman who has to be extricated from Colorado. There's also someone who needs medical attention before they can be arrested.

The Oklahoma Panhandle operation went on since November using 11 different law enforcement agencies in Texas, Beaver and Harper counties.

Mostly focused in Guymon, the undercover agents worked all across town, from the Taco Bell drive-through, to public parks.  One court document even describes a drug deal in the high school parking lot with young kids and other cars around.

While all of the charges relate to drugs, the court documents show some hints at violence also. The field agent says one suspect offered to sell him guns. And that same person allegedly told the drug task force member: "If anyone ever snitched on him, he would kill them."

The agent's affidavit continues, "TJ also told me that he was very smart and that's why he doesn't get caught."

But that suspect did get caught, along with many others. And the law enforcement agencies say they aren't stopping anytime soon. They have already started researching new targets for future investigations.