St. Mary's Receives Cathedral Status

AMARILLO, TX - After over three decades as the cathedral church of the Diocese of Amarillo, St. Laurence will no longer hold this status.

As of Friday afternoon, St. Mary's will be named the new cathedral.

It ultimately came down to size, St. Mary's can accommodate about 1,000 people while St. Laurence can only fit about 300.

In fact, through the years many diocesan ceremonies that were supposed to be held at St. Laurence Cathedral were moved in order to accommodate more parishioners.

Tomorrow St. Laurence will hold its final mass as a cathedral. Bishop Patrick Zurek along with Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Sillier of San Antonio will be honoring St. Laurence with a plaque, for its 36 years of service as cathedral.

Although many St. Laurence parishioners are disappointed their parish will no longer be the cathedral, one parishioner is looking at the bright side.

"Whenever we had diocesan events it was a really crowded situation here at the cathedral unfortunately, so we understand the need for the move. The most awesome part of the entire move is the fact that our patron saint for the diocese will now be our Blessed Mother" said Stephanie Frausto, St. Laurence parishioner.

The official ceremony of elevation into cathedral status will take place at St. Mary's on Friday, March 25th, at 2 p.m. Daniel Cardinal DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston will be in attendance to offer the sermon.