Cold Case File: Gustavo Ferrusquilla

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - An Amarillo man is beaten to death and 4 and a half years later, police have yet to arrest who is responsible.

According to investigators, 39-year-old Gustavo Ferrusquilla was the victim of a deadly brawl in September of 2006.

Police tell NewsChannel 10,  Ferrusquilla and his family were leaving Club Baloo on Linda Drive when he and another male were attacked by about three to six men. It is not known what sparked the attack in the parking lot.

Ferrusquilla was rushed to a local hospital where he died two days later from head injuries. Detectives think they know who was involved in the deadly attack, but they were told by Ferrusquilla's family members, who witnessed the beating, the people of interest were not involved.

Investigators believe someone knows what happened to Gustavo Ferrusquilla the night of September 16th, 2006, but they might be too afraid to speak to police.

"I can ensure you, we will do what we can to protect you.  We are not out to get you, and hopefully with information, we can move it forward.  If we can't, then we are not telling anybody what we got and where we got it from." said Lt. Gary Trupe with Potter-Randall Special Crimes.

If you know anything about Gustavo Ferrusquilla's death, you are urged to call Potter-Randall Special Crimes at 378-9468.