Texas teacher layoffs have some college seniors worried

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The massive budget cuts and possible teacher layoffs headed for school districts across the Panhandle, have many college educators concerned with the futures of their graduating students.

There are about 300 education majors who will graduate from West Texas A & M University, this May, but many are concerned about the gloomy outlook of job possibilities. The State Teacher's Union says up to 100,000 positions may be cut, meaning many schools will not be hiring.

As a result, the college is doing everything they can to prepare their soon-to-be graduates. Dr. Amy Andersen of WTAMU's College of Education, "When they're out there student teaching this semester, which is their final capstone, pretend it's a semester long job interview and do the best job everyday in everything that you do. It is going to be a lot more competitive than in the past years."

The college is also telling their students to keep their options open, relocating to nearby states or major Texas cities where there is a greater need, could help the problem. Dr. Andersen says some education students are now choosing to stay in school longer and further their degrees, instead of graduating.