Single Member In-depth Look

AMARILLO, TEXAS - One of the biggest arguments against single member districts in Amarillo has always been that there are several sub-committees and boards that already have representation from all parts of town, but NewsChannel 10 found that's not the case.

Public records show people serving on those committees are skewed quite a bit. 90 percent of them live on the West side of town. About 75 percent of them are from the Southwest side of town. And 10 percent of them live within a two block radius in Wolflin. At the same time, public records do not show a single representative from the Northeast side of town.

"It was unfair. The power is tilted," Mayorial candidate Jim Brokenbek said. "That ticks me off pretty badly. That says you people you keep paying your taxes. But you get out of our face. We don't have anything that you have to say to listen to."

But commissioners say that's not at all their intention in making committee appointments.

"Where those individuals live never has figured into that. It involves somebody who actually has some knowledge and can contribute," Commissioner Brian Eades said.

They also add they can't factor in where people live because there's not enough volunteers from other parts of town to do that.