Ordinance passes increasing rules of owning dangerous dogs

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - The city commission of Canyon has passed an ordinance increasing the fines and making owning a dog that is deemed dangerous more strict.

Ordinance 937 will make it more costly to own a dog who is deemed dangerous... And add more inconveniences according to the canyon city mayor.

Canyon Chief of Police Dale Davis says they wanted to make changes to a current dog ordinance to ensure absolute safety of the community.

He adds the ordinance will not focus on any specific breed of dog.

"What this ordinance is truly for is those true dangerous dogs, those true animals that are out there chasing people, that are unprovoked, that's the key word is unprovoked"

The ordinance will force owners of dogs deemed dangerous to register the dog with the city, have a liability insurance policy of 250,000 dollars, pay any city fees relating to seizure of the dog, and pay annual registration fees.

If the listed rules are not followed, owners could face a fine up to fine hundred dollars.