Shooting in Hamlet neighborhood

Laura Rojas
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Safety concerns increase in one area neighborhood as shots are fired sending many people running for their lives and one man to the hospital. The shooting happened in front of the new Hamlet park basketball court.  An area where neighborhood kids are often seen out playing or just hanging out. This is a problem a mother of three says she sees often. Hamlet resident Crystal Madrigal says, "Especially when it starts getting nice out a lot of people start hanging out here and start drinking and doing drugs. I mean you see it all. I see it all." Police received a 9-1-1 call around six about a large fight breaking out and shots being fired.

According to Sgt. Johnson, "We have estimates between 30 and 40 people were here we don't know who was actually involved in the shooting and how many of those were just bystanders."Witnesses say there were several people who started shooting and that everybody started running in every direction. One witness says, "Actually it was like three of them with guns and like two of them were shooting from this way and one was shooting from this way." A 17 year-old was shot in the leg with non life threatening injuries.

We spoke with his sister who says he was just an innocent bystander. She says, "He's not even the type to get in trouble. He's not even a trouble maker so I don't know how he even got in it. It's sad." Others tell us they were just getting together with friends.  Al Cal says, "We were having a barbecue I mean the barbecue grill is just right over there. Everybody was supposed to wear their orange and black but they just messed it up."

We spoke with people who didn't want to come on camera but say they've lived in the Hamlet area for years and feel things are getting worse. Officer's recovered about 10 to 15 shell casings from the area where shots were fired.  They say they still have a lot to figure out and at this time no one is in custody. The victim's sister says her brother is expected to fully recover.