Skinner Changes Story

By Ben Briscoe
NewsChannel 10

HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS - For the first time after almost 17 years behind bars, a convicted killer from Pampa says it's possible he may have murdered his girlfriend and her two sons.  The statement happened during an exclusive on-camera death row interview in Huntsville with NewsChannel 10.

Skinner has always claimed his innocence by explaining he was passed out on a mixture of drugs and alcohol at the time of the murder, but now that story's ever so slightly changing.

"I knew I didn't do it, but they even told me this so much ben, that I was starting to my own self, well you were passed out, you think you could of did this? so I was really. You. Could you imagine what it would be like to not know if you did something like that. But I knew in my heart that I didn't do it," he said.

In addition to his heart, Skinner says something else tells him he didn't do it. He claims his murdered girlfriend Twilya has been visiting him from beyond the grave.

"She told me baby I want to show you what happened," he said.

Skinner says she showed him something like a movie of that night where someone was killing everyone else in the house. He says he couldn't make out who exactly the murderer was, but he did see himself passed out on the couch the whole time.

"You know you can't present that in court. What are you going to tell them, a ghost told me this is what happened?" he said.

To help prove his theories, Skinner wants extra DNA evidence from the crime scene tested. For over a decade the state of Texas said no, but last week's US Supreme Court decision means he can now ask a federal judge to consider it.

Skinner says he's glad his own fight help set a national precedent that could help the appeals of others here on death row also.

"I'm not the only innocent one here, the same thing that happened to me, it could happen to your mother, your brother your sister, your aunt. How would you feel then?" he said.

And as far as those dreams of Twilya visiting:

"I guess really it's some part of what went on in my self-conscious as I was passed out on the couch while it was happening," he said. "I think that's really what it is."