Solar energy may be coming to Texas

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Austin, TX - Texas is one of the biggest leaders when it comes to energy, but they are currently behind in one area.

Solar energy legislation was introduced in the Texas House of Representatives to use our biggest resource, the sun for energy.

House Bill 2961 will help grow the solar industry in Texas, which in turn would create more business development and job opportunities.

State representative Warren Chisum, a co-sponsor of the bill says solar energy would have a definite impact in the Panhandle, and help this area produce even more energy.

"If you look at the way wind works in the panhandle, our July, August, wind is not very impressive, so at the time when our wind would be offline, there's a good likelihood that solar could be online," says Chisum.

State Representative Drew Darby says Texas has enormous energy potential because of the sunlight we get, so solar investments would be helpful to the area.

If the bill passes property owners would be able to receive rebates for installing solar panels.