Even with challenges, one local wheat farmer keeps his faith

Dale Artho
Dale Artho

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Wildorado, TX - The wheat crop is not looking too promising right now in much of Texas, due to a lack of moisture.

Dale Artho, a wheat farmer in Wildorado says some of his acreage of land is not producing good wheat at this time. But he will work with what he has to ensure what he does produce is a good product.

"It rains on the just and the unjust, whichever side of that coin I was on this time, we just didn't get the good rain fall here," says Artho.

Artho says many factors played a role in the challenges with the latest wheat crop.

He says because of these challenges he will not be able to use all of his land for this crop.

"Some of my acreage I will, I already made a decision that I will destroy it, because I don't think it has the potential to harvest a good crop, or an economic crop," adds Artho.

When crops are poor he says, that's when it usually affects the consumer.

"As weather affects production, normally we do see higher price increases, and that translates into increased cost for consumers too."

Wheat and other cereal crops are primary resources in the High Plains area and always have been, so Artho says he will continue the tradition of growing them here.

"We're still growing the primary cereal crops, that were grown all through history, people still eat the same things, those are the things that fit this environment and so those are the things that we grow."

Artho says he will continue to control what he can, and leave the rest up to fate.

"We do what we can, we're dependant on the divine providence in terms of moisture and rainfall, we do those affect those things that we can and the rest of the things do a lot of praying you know."