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Wildfire response improvements to be made

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Wildfire danger in our area is expected to be high later this week. Amarillo area emergency responders tell NewsChannel 10, the wildfire outbreak experienced last month taught them more about their continued efforts this season.

According to Randall County Sheriff Joel Richardson, at the start of last month's fires, there was not an evacuation site set in stone and evacuees lined the streets of their neighborhoods watching emergency responders work.

Richardson says that is one thing that will change in the future.

"I think we needed to communicate better what was going on at scene with the people we evacuated out." said Sheriff Richardson.

According to Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas, since last months fires, department administrators have made strategic plans in placing personnel and resources in emergency situations.

Including adopting a new mapping system that breaks down every housing community in the county.

"On something like that, its always nice to be able to open this book and see where the access point are. You have something laid out there in front of you." said Sheriff Thomas.

While officials do acknowledge the need for improvement when tackling wildfire situations, they tell NewsChannel 10, they are proud that not a single human life was lost in last month's wildfires.